About Stupeh

YOU’RE FAKE NEWS was created in 2010 by some wrinkly-eyebrowed Julie in Ventura, California and served as a tool for exposing the truth about the difficulties of cat-ownership, serving food, and being sober.  In 2017 all of the site’s content was deleted because she really knew very little about keeping her content safe from the Russian hackers that are destroying the world. In a fit of frustration at the white screen of death, this son of a gun nihilist shithead busted in through the back door of her own website and deleted all of the cartoons and bad jokes that previously resided at the address What follows from this day forth is built on the virtual ashes of that stupeh day.  Anyways, the cat is dead, she doesn’t serve food, she drinks alcohol sometimes, and still secretly is really bad at cyber-security.  Please don’t tell Putin.

But please tell poutine

to get in my mouth.